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Suspicious object was harmless

The Kårallen Building and parts of the C Building on Campus Valla were evacuated for a couple of hours on Thursday, following the discovery of a suspicious object. The object subsequently proved to be harmless, and the evacuation could be withdrawn.

Around lunchtime on Thursday police received information about a suspicious object in the Kårallen Building. It was not possible to conclude that the item did not pose a danger, and the police therefore set up barriers, and called in the National Bomb Squad. Kårallen and parts of the C Building were evacuated. The object was discovered by personnel in the Kårallen bookshop, into whose letter box the object had been placed.

“We contacted the police for an assessment, and then followed the police instructions to evacuate Kårallen and parts of the C Building. Right from the start I was present at the police command centre, and we have been in efficient and continuous contact the whole time”, says Annevi Fredäng, security manager at LiU.

The object in the letter box turned out to be totally harmless LEDs, large numbers of which had been used during celebrations at the university. The evacuation was lifted and the barriers removed around 2.00 pm.
“We are glad that it turned out to be a harmless object, and that it was possible to sound the all clear after a few hours”, says University Director Kent Waltersson.


Translated by George Farrrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-09-12

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