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Dialogue crucial when staffing new departments

All employees in the five departments that are to be wound down, together with parts of the Department of Management and Engineering, who will be affected by the changes will be offered new placements within LiU with effect from 1 January 2020.

Bild: Pia Rundgren, HR-direktörAll employees will be invited to a consultation with their immediate superior. The consultations will be held during September and October, and are an important part of preparations for staffing the new departments.

“The purpose of the consultation is to ensure that all employees who are affected by the changes receive equal and fair treatment. During the consultation, the employee and his or her immediate superior discuss and analyse whether the employee’s current tasks in the current placement agree as far as possible with the offer of a new placement within LiU”, explains Director of Human Resources Pia Rundgren.

The work to staff the new organisational structure is based on the process laid down by the Swedish Agency for Government Employers for changes in operations, and on a close dialogue with employee associations. This process requires that employees who are affected by changes in operations are formally required to decide whether to accept an offer of a new placement within LiU. They must accept or reject the offer in writing.

“Your immediate superior will give you a form during the consultation that you must complete and sign. If you have any questions about the staffing process, the consultation, or the offer, you should take this up with your immediate superior or HR partner”, says Pia Rundgren.

The overall process of setting up the three new departments as planned at the turn of the year is going well.

“Yes, we are on schedule. Getting the staffing arranged is now well under way, and the administrative managers are ready. The structure for the new divisions is also nearly complete. At the moment we are preparing to start up the transition to actively using the systems for such matters as finance, accounting and equipment”, says UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson, project manager.

Further evidence that the work is progressing as planned is that nearly all single-subject courses and programme courses for the spring term of 2020 have been transferred to the correct department. In addition, all new subjects in research education have been given the correct codes and titles, while all information about doctoral students is to be collated and transferred to the correct department.

“Creating a new departmental structure is complex and extensive, but everyone is working hard and the process is progressing extremely smoothly”, UllaKarin concludes.


Translated by George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2019-09-11

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