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Parking fees on Campus Valla

On 1 October 2019, Akademiska Hus will introduce parking fees for all carparks on Campus Valla.

Parkeringsautomat, övertäckt. Foto: Magnus JohanssonMany of the parking places in the neighbourhood of Campus Valla are already subject to fees, and the Mjärdevi Science Park will also introduce parking fees in the near future. This will lead to, and has already led to, increased pressure on the free parking at the university. This is the reason that Akademiska Hus must introduce parking fees across the complete campus. The fees will be the same at all locations on Campus Valla. Overnight parking is currently forbidden on some of the parking spots. This prohibition will be removed, but it may be reintroduced if the need arises.

It will be possible to pay using an app (Q-Park), and in new ticket-free parking machines. A monthly season ticket (SEK 350) can be purchased from a machine or in the app. A reserved parting spot (SEK 425) can be ordered from Akademiska Hus (Johan Tjäder), for which Q-Park will issue a monthly invoice. The number of reserved parking spots is limited.

A temporary solution will be offered to those who purchase a monthly season ticket and need to transfer it to another vehicle. Q-Park is planning to introduce this into the app.



  • SEK 20 per day, or SEK 3 per hour, every day
  • SEK 350 per month
  • SEK 425 per month (for a reserved spot, to be paid for a period of 12 months)


Questions and comments can be addressed to:

  • Owe Flodin, property manager, tel. 070 573 2370
  • Johan Tjäder, engineer, tel. 070 649 4539

More information at Akademiska Hus website


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Last updated: 2019-09-11