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University to reopen on Saturday

All campuses at Linköping University will reopen on Saturday and normal activities will resume. The university had been evacuated on Friday afternoon after a threat had been levelled against it. The university management, however, following dialogue with the police, has decided that normal activities are to resume.

“We have concluded that the threat is no longer in place”, says University Director Kent Waltersson. “We are grateful to all co-workers and students who took our instructions for the evacuation seriously, and rapidly left the premises.”

He continues: “Considering everything that has happened not only around the world but also closer to home, we took the threat seriously and activated the Crisis Management Group.”

The group has been in continuous contact with the police throughout, and the most recent information received has led to the conclusion that there is no longer any threat. There is no longer any reason to hold the university closed.

The reopening of the university on Saturday means that all exams scheduled will be held as planned. The library and all other activities will take place as usual.

The students who had to evacuate while taking an exam on Friday will be offered a new opportunity to take this exam. Information will be given by the course supervisor.



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Last updated: 2019-08-23