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Threat leads to evacuation

(Updated 2019-08-23 16:04)

A threat has been levelled against Linköping University. The university management has for this reason decided to immediately evacuate the premises and close all of the university campuses.

A threat has been levelled at Linköping University. This is associated with posters that were set up on Campus Valla.
“After investigating the question and consulting the Police, we have decided that the university premises should be evacuated. We have instructed all co-workers and students on all campuses to evacuate the premises. The university’s Crisis Management Group has been called, and further further information will be distributed through social media and the website”, says University Director Kent Valtersson.

As far as we know at the moment, activities on Satrurday will be conducted as planned.
Should it become necessary to reassess this, the university will distribute revised information on liu.se and on the facebook page.

Information from the police

"This morning, the police received information that threatening posters had been set up at several locations on the Linköping University Valla Campus. The posters contained an internet address on which a film showing a man posing with weapons was displayed.

As a consequence, the police have started investigations with respect to three possible crimes: serious unlawful threat against a group, serious weapons crime and illegal poster display. The police are attempting to identify the author of the threat, but at the moment have not identified any suspects.

During the day, the police have held a presence on the university campus and will continue to do so. This afternoon, the university management decided that the premises in Linköping and Norrköping should be evacuated. This decision was not taken by the police.

Questions concerning the police investigation should be directed to them, while other questions should be directed to Linköping University."





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