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New departments – HR status

The important job of building new organisational structures at LiU is under way in our three new departments, HMV, BKV and IKOS, which start operations on 1 January 2020. The work includes various areas within the HR field, which Director of Human Resources Pia Rundgren is coordinating.

Bild: Pia Rundgren, HR-direktörThe first part involves the heads of department at HMV, BKV and IKOS drawing up the new organisational structures, and determining new divisions and units. The departments involved, IKK, ISV, ISAK, IMH, IKE, IBL and parts of Tema and IEI, were given the task in the spring of surveying and reporting the current staffing situation: number of employees and the various types of expertise available within both core and support activities. They were also tasked with carrying out an overall survey of the personnel that will be required when the new departments open on 1 January 2020. This work is now complete and shows that the current and future staffing situations are pretty much in balance.

The second part concerns filling the post of administrative managers for HMV, BKV and IKOS. The appointments will be made after the vacancies were announced on the LiU external website on 5 June, with a deadline for applications of 27 June. The heads of department for the new departments: Preben Bendtsen, Anders Fridberger and Josefina Syssner, together with Deputy University Director Ann Holmlid and Director of Human Resources Pia Rundgren, will form a steering group to coordinate the recruitment. The decision to announce the posts was chosen to achieve as fair a procedure as possible and to create as strong a mandate as possible for the new administrative managers.

The third part involves appointing personnel in the new departments – considering each post individually. Each head of department has responsibility for the work of the department, while maintaining a LiU-wide perspective. This work will start in September. The fundamental principle to be followed is dialogue between manager and employee – and between departments where this is necessary.

“The LiU-wide process on which we base the work, and the dialogue between manager and employee, are important”, says Pia Rundgren.


Translatede by George Farrants


Sara Hammarsten 2019-06-13

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