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NärCon – What’s happening

LiU has been the location of NärCon Sommar with its many thousands of visitors since 2011. This year this Cosplay convention will again take over Campus Valla, 25-28 July.

Bild: Tre NärCon-deltagare tar selfie. Foto: Emma AnderssonNärCon Sommar is the largest Cosplay festival in the Nordic region. It started in Örebro in 2002 and moved to LiU in 2011 when the founder, Sam Anlér, came here to study. The convention has grown from year to year, and this year an estimated 10,000 visitors will participate.

As in previous years, Jenny Rydén has been appointed LiU coordinator, and she has been involved in the complete planning process. Contact Jenny Rydén if you have any questions.

For LiU co-workers who are planning to be here during the convention period, the following information and practical advice may be useful.

  • An estimated 10,000 people will visit the campus.
  • The large carpark behind Zenit will be fenced in, and only a few parking places close to Vallfarten will be available.
  • Use the carpark behind Fysikhuset, or the one between the Key Building and Campushallen. The large carparks at the A Building and the G Building are also available.
  • Corson will be fenced in from “Märkesbacken” to a point between the Key Building and the I Building. It will not be possible to pass through here.
  • The area behind the C Building will be fenced in.
  • The convention will NOT use the university park this year.
  • LiU co-workers and students can enter the convention site on showing a LiU Card at one of the three gates: Blå Havet, Kårallen (by Valla Gård) or Campushallen.
  • Avoid Corson – use the back doors of the buildings you want to enter. NB! Do not give access to any unauthorised persons without a LiU Card.
  • Use the culverts to move rapidly between university buildings. (Unless, of course, you’re not in a hurry and are keen to see happy people in fantastic and colourful costumes.)
  • The buildings primarily involved are the A Building, C Building, Zenit, Key Building, Terra Building, and the pavilion behind the D Building.
  • The D Building will house some dormitories in the classrooms that face Corson.
  • The G Building will house dormitories on the upper floor.
  • In the B Building, only ISYtan, the student kitchen and a small area at Entrance 29 will be used by NärCon. The inner garden between Entrances 23 and 25 will be used to store sacks with deposit-return bottles and cans during the convention, to prevent them being stolen.
  • The area around TemCas in the Department of Thematic Studies will also be used.
  • Most of the computer rooms in the A Building and Key Building will be used by NärCon. Signs to other computer rooms will be posted. The rooms booked by NärCon are K1, K2, KYPC, Alfheim, Bifrost, Valhall and Embassaden.
  • If you’re working during NärCon – take the opportunity for a great break, wander around campus and admire all the role-playing and fantasy-dressed NärCon participants!


Translated by George Farrants

Photo: Emma Andersson


Elisabet Wahrby 2019-06-03

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