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New webstore for LiU merchandise

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LiU has finally opened its new webstore for merchandise and gift items. The store is open both to private individuals for personal use and to co-workers for in-service use. The range of goods is new, and further products will be added in the future.

LiU has a new supplier of merchandise (Kontorab, previously known as Seombris) that is also responsible for stock control, the online store and handling orders. It will market not only the LiU range of basic branded goods, but also a large number of other products.
The items are not available in a physical shop: everything happens online.

Purchasing for in-service use

The webstore for in-service use is in the form of a punch-out, which integrates the Kontorab webstore with the Raindance economy system at LiU. This means that purchasers can log in to Raindance and access the Kontorab webstore from there (Purchase > Order > External web shop). The Raindance login will automatically be transferred to the webstore, where you select the items you want to purchase. These will subsequently be transferred back to the shopping basket in Raindance, where the ordering process is completed.

Note that you must have purchasing authority in Raindance to make purchases. Contact your purchasing agent to view the range of products and place an order.

The range is completely new, and further products are in the pipeline. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the LiU basic range, you can order items from the complete Seombris/Kontorab range and have them tailored for LiU use. But it’s a good idea to check with your purchasing agent first because it’s possible that the item you want will be available soon.
The Seombris range of goods is available here.

Purchasing for private use

Private individuals can purchase LiU merchandise online. The delivery time is 3-10 working days, and orders may be placed from outside of Sweden.

The webstore is operated by Kontorab, which manages ordering and all other aspects.

The items available in the two stores are approximately the same.

The webstore for LiU merchandise is at shop.liu.se.

Do you have any questions?

Or suggestions about products to add to the basic range?


Information about LiU merchandise and how to order.

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-05-29

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