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Foodtruck contracts to end

The contracts with the foodtrucks on Campus Valla expire on 15 June, and will not be renewed. There are several reasons for the decision.

Bild: Foodtruck vid Blå HavetFollowing requests from the students for a more diverse selection of food and lunch opportunities, LiU entered into contracts with several foodtrucks. The trucks started selling food at Blå Havet on Campus Valla in November 2016. An initial trial period of one term has subsequently been extended, and the current contracts expire on 15 June.

Providing a mobile solution for food requires a lot of administration of the contracts, and the management of increased costs for such items as electricity and waste management.

“Not all aspects have worked out well, and for this reason the contracts with the trucks will not be extended”, says Peter Jensen, coordinator at the Properties Division (FA), and responsible for LiU’s contact with the food trucks.

Even if the food trucks work with sustainability in their operations, a lot of disposable items end up being used.

“So the environmental aspect has most definitely been an factor in this decision”, says Peter Jensen.

LiU will now instead work towards providing a diverse range in the restaurants that are located in the buildings that we rent.

“Bowl Life in the C Building, for example, closed during the winter. We are planning to have a restaurant there that offers similar food to the foodtrucks. And a new restaurant will open when the Student Building opens in the autumn. So several new things are in the pipeline at Campus Valla”, says Peter.


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-05-21

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