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Changes to campus bus in the autumn

When the campus bus restarts operation in the autumn, it will be under a new operator. Connect Bus (previously Söne Buss) will take over from Östgötatrafiken, and this will involve some changes for both students and commuting co-workers.

Bild: Nya Campusbussen i LiU-färg. Illustration: Peter ModinÖstgötatrafiken has operated the campus bus and route 73 in combination for several years. However, after criticism from the Swedish National Audit for signing a contract with Östgötatrafiken without a preceding procurement process, something that also the Swedish Competition Authority criticised, LiU was compelled to carry out a procurement process. Söne Buss, now Connectbus, won the procurement process, and will start operating the campus bus from the autumn term 2019.

Students and in-service travel by co-workers

Those who can use the “new” campus bus will be students and co-workers for in-service travel. The LiU Card will function as a ticket. The coupling to Östgötatrafiken will disappear, and it will no longer be possible to travel on the campus bus using tickets or travel cards issued by Östgötatrafiken.

Bild: Nya Campusbussen i LiU-färg. Illustration: Peter ModinThe campus bus will have a new appearance with LiU’s colours and graphic identity. The timetable will be approximately the same, with now two buses per hour at peak periods. The bus stops used in Norrköping are the same as before: Söder Tull, Väster Tull, Hultet and Skälvs gård. In Linköping the bus stops will be: Universitetet, Vallfarten, VTI, Nobeltorget and US Norra entrén.


Co-workers who commute between Norrköping and Linköping will not be able to travel by the campus bus, and must instead use the services provided by Östgötatrafiken.

As a replacement for route 73/campus bus, Östgötatrafiken will increase the number of departures on line 75 in the mornings and evenings. Some departures on route 70 will be extended from US to Mjärdevi.


More information will be available when the timetables and other details have been fixed.


Translated by George Farrants

The illustration show the appearance of the new campus bus.

Illustration: Peter Modin



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