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Improvements to Evaliuate after assessment

LiU’s new course evaluation system Evaliuate was launched in the autumn of 2018. The system has now been assessed, both among students and co-workers, which has resulted in several changes and improvements.

Following the evaluations of the courses held in the autumn term, the evaluation system itself has been evaluated. A questionnaire was distributed to approximately 150 co-workers who had in different ways come into contact with Evaliuate, such as examiners, directors of studies, and people with overall responsibility for teaching.

In parallel with this, the student unions carried out an investigation among students.

“The three student unions collaborated with the sections in several issues related to Evaliuate and various aspects of the system”, says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, responsible for the implementation of Evaliuate. And there was a consensus in many of the replies from employees and students.

Some differences to be introduced for the autumn term 2019:

  • The period for submitting replies will be extended from ten days to three weeks.
  • The questions will be reviewed and reformulated, one example of which is the current question about equal opportunities. Several questions were thought to be difficult to understand, and the questions came in the wrong order.
  • The information that a course evaluation has been created, and that it is possible to add questions to the questionnaire, will not be emailed to teachers until two weeks before the questionnaire is distributed to the students. At the moment, the email is sent when the course evaluation is created, at the start of the course. The course evaluation can be accessed as soon as it has been created, just as today, but an email about it will be distributed two weeks before the questionnaire itself.

New features introduced during the spring of 2019:

  • From the end of the spring term 2019, students can access the course evaluation from the student portal. The questionnaire will also be sent by email, as previously, to the students. However, by making it also available through the student portal, it is hoped that a higher response rate will be achieved. The reports from the course evaluations that a student has been able to participate in will also be available at the student portal.
  • The sender of the email has been changed from “no reply” to “EVALIUATE kursvärdering”. This makes it easier to search for the email message.


The result of the assessment of Evaliuate was presented and discussed at Pedagogikdagarna in March.
“Those who were there contributed actively, and we had a useful discussion”, says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson.

The implementation phase of Evaliuate will be concluded at the end of June, and the system will pass to routine operation. Maria Boberg will be administrative leader.
“We have established a support function (evaliuate@liu.se) to which people can submit questions, suggestions and points of view about Evaliuate. And the website offers more information, a FAQ, support, and the ability to log in to the system.


The website for Evaliuate


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-04-30

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