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Students counted by a new method

The LiU annual report will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research on 22 February. It states that the university has 32,000 students. This does not mean that the number of students has increased dramatically, but is a consequence of a new method of counting.

For many years, LiU has defined the number of students based on all those who have carried out registration for a course during the year. For 2017, this definition gave approximately 27,000 students at basic and advanced levels.

In association with the switch of study administration system during 2018 from Ladok 2 to Ladok 3, this definition can no longer be used. We now use the definition recommended by the Ladok consortium. Ladok 3 gives higher figures than Ladok 2, mainly because the latter was not able to count the number of registrations as accurately as the new version.

Ladok 3 distributes one student’s registration across all the days of the complete period of study, which means that a small part of the per capita-funding that is associated with the autumn term while being actuated in January is included in the total. Thus, the “number of students” for 2018 was 32,000.

This is the figure that will from now be stated in our communications, such as presentations, brochures and on the website.


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2019-02-22

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