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Lost and Found

Bild: Verktyget Look for myHave you lost something? Are you wondering whether it has been handed in to a LiU Lost and Found office? Now you can check online whether it is there.

There are many who may not know that LiU has Lost and Found offices, one on each campus. Many items end up here, mainly clothes, although some more valuable objects such as iPads, chargers, keys and credit cards are also handed in.

You can visit the Lost and Found offices to check whether some kind soul has handed in your lost possession. Campus Valla, however, has for the past few years has a website where each item handed in is photographed and displayed.

“This is an ingenious system that saves us a lot of time”, says Johan Cederlund, head of the Logistics and Facilities Support Office. “In the past, we had to accompany each person to the room where we store the items and wait while they looked through everything. Now, we get significantly fewer visits. And it’s great for people who have lost something. Just recently we could restore to its owner an iPad that had been lost for two years. The student had heard about the system and visited the website to check.”

The “Look for my” service was set up by students. They needed reference installations, and LiU was given the opportunity to test the system without cost.

“The Lost and Found service will be moving into the new student building, but I hope that they continue to use the ‘Look for my’ website. It’s an excellent service that saves a lot of time”, says Johan Cederlund, and shows us how quick and easy it is to take a photograph and upload it. And it’s just as easy to remove it when someone had claimed back a lost item.

“It’s mainly students who lose things”, says Johan Cederlund. “But co-workers can also be careless. Just a few days ago someone came in and claimed a big bunch of keys that they lost over a month ago.”

Have you lost an item? Look for my


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2019-01-30

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