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Love’s Philosophy

You are warmly invited to a unique concert and musical meeting full of love between the Linköping University Chamber Choir and soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson. Three concerts will be held in November.

The Linköping University Chamber Choir meets soprano saxophonist, world artist and musician Anders Paulsson to give three concerts filled with exciting sound, classic tones and inspiring text. Conductor: Christina Hörnell.

Music by A. Paulsson, E. Esenvalds, C. MacDowall, B. Britten, C. Debussy, S. Hagvil, N. Lindberg, and others.

Tickets are available through www.billetto.se


Missionskyrkan i Linköping

8 November 7.30 pm

Åtvids Stora kyrka, Åtvidaberg

10 November 6.00 pm

Vårfrukyrkan i Skänninge

11 November 6.00 pm

Elisabet Wahrby 2018-10-25

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