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Library migrating to liu.se

If you type liu.se/library into the address field of a web browser after 23 October, you will be greeted by the new library appearance. The new library webpages will open on that date, as an integrated part of liu.se.

Bild: Startsidan bibliotekets nya webbsidaJust as the complete liu.se site is search-driven, so also will the contents of the library be presented based on fewer entrances than in the present structure.

“The visitors don’t see the complete contents laid out on the pages known as landing pages: they must navigate using the search function”, says Håkan Andersson, responsible for functional aspects of the library website. “We have examined the terms and concepts that visitors use, and thus made the search as efficient as possible.”

On the first page, the landing page, the visitor finds a search field, information about opening hours and contact details, a calendar of current activities, and the library footprint in social media. In addition, the page presents four further entrances:

  • Search and borrow – the most common activity of library users
  • Databases
  • Guides and support – useful information for users
  • Publishing – probably used mainly by researchers.

“The content is more streamlined on the new pages”, says Håkan Andersson. “We have designed them such that they present what the users want and what they use.”

The work started in the autumn of 2017.

“We have quite a lot of dynamic content, and one of the requirements we posed was that this should work in the new web-publishing system.”

Links to the old library website will work on a general level. But bookmarks or links to pages under the general level will have to be changed.

The library has carried out user testing, but the personnel there are interested in hearing the opinions of users when the site is launched.

“Please let us know what you think by email, biblioteket@liu.se, or using the chat function at https://liu.se/biblioteket


Elisabet Wahrby 2018-10-22

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Last updated: 2018-10-23