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Collaboration and co-ordination when filling vacancies in administrative support

A system of recruitment review will be introduced at LiU on 1 October. Vacancies that arise within administrative support will be filled after review by the director of human resources. Before this occurs, however, the operative unit must consider carefully whether to recruit at all, or find another solution.

Bild: Pia Rundgren, HR-direktör One of the consequences of the efficiency enquiry is that LiU will introduce a system of recruitment review on 1 October. This involves collaboration and co-ordination, across organisational boundaries, when filling vacancies (permanent employment) within administrative support. It also involves more careful use of the existing procedures when co-workers leave employment at LiU.

“We want to find the best solution for LiU. When recruiting new staff, we must always pose several questions about the recruitment – maybe there are other solutions. Is it possible to redistribute duties, or is it necessary to reconsider priorities and rationalise our activities? Is there another person who is considering the same type of recruitment, and can we collaborate in any new recruitment that takes place? These are some of the questions we must ask”, says Director of Human Resources Pia Rundgren.

At present, several questions must be answered before a recruitment process can be initiated, such as:

  • What duties and responsibilities are currently part of the position?
  • Have our needs changed in such a way that the nature of the position should be changed?
  • What expertise is required based on the objectives and duties of the operative unit, both in the long and short term?
  • Is it possible to redistribute resources based on considerations of economy, human resources or duties?
  • Should we work to increase expertise among the present personnel, rather than recruiting?

The manager responsible for the recruitment will continue to analyse and document the answers to these questions carefully. There is, however, a major difference: we will establish common, university-wide questions to answer, and we will collate the answers with those at LiU who are affected. The director of human resources is responsible for the process.

It sounds as if there is a risk that this will lead to more administration?

“It is our goal to keep the time needed for the process as short as possible, while ensuring high quality. But it’s clear that the introduction of a new way of working with new procedures will take time. It must be allowed to take time. In a slightly longer perspective, there are excellent opportunities to achieve new, or other, benefits. When we collaborate and co-ordinate recruitment and everything is running smoothly, one benefit can be that we are not competing for the same type of expertise. Another is that we may find new forms of collaboration”, says Pia.


Sara Hammarsten 2018-09-26

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