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Evaliuate now online

Bild: Medarbetare arbetar med Evaliuate. Foto: Charlotte Perhammar. LiU’s new university-wide course-evaluation system Evaliuate will come online at the start of the autumn term, replacing the previous system KURT. The system was tested at the end of the spring term in a pilot project encompassing 40 courses evenly distributed among the four faculties.

“Testing Evaliuate on so many courses has been extremely valuable”, says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, who is leading the implementation of the new system. “Many of the functions worked just as we planned, and we’ve also been able to deal with some of the problems we discovered before the system is now being brought fully online.”

Evaliuate in brief


Evaliuate is based on 12 questions that are common to the whole university, drawn up in the period 2015-2016 by a group of teachers and students. The faculties have subsequently been given the opportunity to supplement these with faculty-specific questions. In addition to these 12-14 standard questions, examiners and/or course supervisors can add their own questions.

The university-wide questions can be found on the Evaliuate website.

Evaliuate uses the questionnaire management system Survey&Report. Information about the courses is obtained from Bilda, and information about the students from the Ladok student registry. Evaliuate uses the information in Bilda concerning examiners, course supervisors and directors of studies (and equivalent roles) to give access to course evaluations in different ways, and to ensure that the right people receive the appropriate messages at the right time.

A course evaluation is automatically created in Evaliuate when a course starts. The course supervisor/examiner receives an email message that the questionnaire is open for editing, which means that extra questions can be added.

On the Friday of the final week of the course, the evaluation questionnaire is distributed to all registered students, who then have 10 days in which the answer the questions. Students who have not submitted replies after five days are sent a reminder. When the course evaluation period is over, the students and the course supervisor/examiner are given access to a report that summarises the replies given to the multiple-choice questions. These are also automatically archived in LiU-Dok.

At the end of the course evaluation period, the director of studies (or equivalent) also receives an email message stating that replies to free-text questions are available for review and archiving. The procedures used to manage and retain free-text replies have been the subject of debate for a long period, for several reasons: It is important that the opinions of the students are taken seriously and stored. However, unpleasant free-text replies are sometimes made, leading to problems with the teachers’ work environment. Threats and abuse have been clearly expressed in some cases. Linköping University has now laid down a formal decision for the management of free-text replies in Evaliuate.
This can be read on the Evaliuate website.

The Evaliuate website provides information about drop-in sessions during the autumn, when examiners/course supervisors can come and ask questions about the editing of course evaluations, as a supplement to the published instructions. Drop-in sessions will also be arranged for directors of studies and others with a corresponding function.

The Evaliuate website at Inside LiU


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