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Targeted phishing attack against LiU - important information

Illustration av phishing, en fiskekrok som lyfter upp personlig information ur en dator.LiU was the target of a phishing attack on Wednesday 21 February and Friday 23 February, intended to steal login details of LiU users. We encourage everybody to be safety-conscious, and refrain from clicking unknown links in email messages. In this case, the senders appeared to be co-workers and students at LiU.

Treat with suspicion any email you receive that asks you to, for example, click on a link to specify your login details. Check whether corresponding information has been published on any of the internal pages at student.liu.se or liu.se/insidan.

The people who send these emails often try to make it sound urgent, you must reply immediately, or they try to make it sound as if you have something to gain by answering. They may claim, for example, that your email will stop working, your account closed or become subject to limitations, an invoice is erroneous, that you have a parcel waiting, or that you can win a prize.

It is not uncommon that the pages these phishing mails link to have the same appearance as LiU’s login webpage. The login page to the LiU system is always located at liu.se, never anywhere else.


What should I do if I have given my login details to a phishing site?

Change your password at account.liu.se and inform abuse@liu.se.


For further information

contact the LiU Helpdesk.

Tel.: (013) 282828 or helpdesk@liu.se.


General information about phishing is available (in Swedish) in a guide published by the IT Division:

Lär dig mer om nätfiske


The phishing message sent out on 21 February was as follows:

Uppmärksamhet: LiU E-Användaren

ITHelpDesk Messaging Center


Vi håller för närvarande på att uppdatera vår e-databasen och alla oanvända e-postkonto kommer att tas bort under denna underhåll motion.


Använd länken nedan för att verifiera ditt konto för att undvika avstängning.




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Last updated: 2018-02-26