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New course evaluation system

This autumn, LiU will introduce a new course evaluation system to replace the previous one, KURT. A competition is being held by the student unions to find a name for the new system.

Bild: Studenter vid datorThe idea of a new course evaluation system has long been discussed at LiU, and it is now to become a reality. A reference group has been set up, whose members consist of the four pro-deans for education, the chairman of the system owners’ board, a student representative, a technical project manager, and Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, who is leading the implementation.

“LiU’s current course evaluation system has served us well for many years, but as time has passed it has become increasingly out-of-date,” says Roger Klinth, deputy vice-chancellor for education. “The technology on which KURT is built, for example, is not compatible with the new version of Ladok, to be introduced in 2019. The course evaluation system being developed is more user-friendly and has better procedures for processing data than the current system. This is why we believe that the new system will contribute to higher response rates and more reliable results. A course evaluation system that is used throughout the university is an important component of the quality-assurance system for education that LiU is developing. The more students who regularly give feedback about the courses they take, the better information we obtain for improving the education offered by LiU.”

Bild: Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, implementeringsansvarigStudents and teachers have collaborated in forming the questions in the new system. It contains a number of fixed questions that are the same throughout LiU or throughout a faculty, and it is possible for course supervisors to add further questions.
“An evaluation is automatically created after each course and distributed to the students,” says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson. “If a course supervisor adds any special questions, only answers to the common questions will be distributed.”

The system will be tested during the spring. Forty courses, from all four faculties to ensure that the full width is covered, have been selected as pilots. After evaluation and any necessary adjustments, the system will be taken into routine use from the autumn term, 2018.

“Short films and manuals will be available to train teachers in the system,” says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson.
Those who are participating in the pilot study will receive training during the spring, and there will be opportunities to work with the system with help at hand and ask questions.

The new system is still without a name. This will come from a competition being arranged by the student unions. The starting signal will be on 12 February, after which all students have two weeks in which they can submit suggestions for the name. A shortlist from the proposed names will be drawn up by the student unions and the reference group, and then students will have the opportunity to vote in the final selection.
“We expect the new name to be ready during the second half of March,” says Kajsa Holmgren Peterson.


Competition - name the new course evaluation system!


Elisabet Wahrby 2018-02-12

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