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Increased researcher support at the library

The library is now investing in providing better service to researchers. Johanna Nählinder is herself a researcher and knows exactly the help that researchers require. She is now available as a resource in the library.
“I bring a researcher perspective to library work,” she says.

Bild: Johanna Nählinder, forskningskoordinatorThe library has long offered aid to research students and researchers, and has now decided to upgrade and expand the service.

“Researchers are not aware how much help they can obtain from the library. My job is to bring this to the fore, and show how much we can offer researchers throughout the research process.”

Johanna Nählinder took a doctor’s degree in 2005 at the Department of Thematic Studies – Technology and Social Change, and has subsequently pursued a research career at LiU, initially within political science and then industrial organisation. Her own experiences as research student and researcher have made her aware how easy it is to just follow old routines, and fail to keep up-to-date in, for example, information search, data management, external monitoring, copyright issues and publishing.

“There’s never enough time. And in a rushed life it’s easy to miss what the library can offer, and how it can help researchers to success. Remember, a great deal is happening in this field all the time, and it’s happening at a high pace.”

One important part of her work is to help disseminate all the knowledge that is created within the university. Her goal is to increase the citation frequency of LiU researchers, which requires that they publish in highly ranked journals. In her newly created post at the library, Johanna Nählinder will, for example, help researchers to find high-quality scientific journals to publish in, and encourage them not to be satisfied with publication in poorly ranked journals. She can also help the articles to reach the readers.

“There are some clever strategies to follow if you want to reach the best journals, and many are not currently using them.

Johanna Nählinder is also on twitter, where she can answer researcher questions: @JohnaLiUB.

“It’s my experience that you can achieve better success in research with reasonably modest investment, and it doesn’t have to take up too much time.”

She is happy come out and talk to research students and researchers, either to individuals or to groups, about questions that arise as the work proceeds.

“It can be any type of question, anything from what can be legally published on ResearchGate or Academia – the academic world’s equivalent to social media – to the best way to make sure that published articles are read. I give concrete advice that is easy to follow. It makes me really happy when folk contact me.”


Johanna Nählinder can be reached at johanna.nahlinder@liu.se. Tel.: (013) 282903 or 070 089 6437.


Eva Bergstedt 2018-01-23

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