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Language support from Språkcentrum

The LiU service Språkverkstaden noted an increased demand by students for help with language. So now the Department of Culture and Communication has collected all expertise into Språkcentrum, which offers language support for students taking all programmes and courses.

Bild: Ulrika Örtenberg, koordinator på Språkcentrum, hjälper en studentWhile Språkverkstaden is intended as a resource for individual students, Språkcentrum works with those who manage LiU’s programmes and courses. Ulrika Örtenberg is coordinator for Språkcentrum, which opened in the autumn of 2017.

“We have opened Språkcentrum since we see that increasing numbers of students need help. They must work throughout their education to develop their skills in using academic language. Language is important whatever you study, and each field of study has a particular way of using language.”

Språkcentrum is part of the Unit for Swedish, Multilingualism and Communication in the Division for Language and Literature, which is part of the Department of Culture and Communication. The same employees work in Språkcentrum as work in Språkverkstaden.

Språkcentrum collects several different language-support functions, such as courses and language support designed for students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the field of CMTS (Centre, People, Technology and Society). Furthermore, specialised support is offered for students of teaching, both individual and general measures, in an introduction to the academic world.

“This is currently offered to students of teaching, but it can, of course, be offered to all fields of study,” says Ulrika Örtenberg.

Språkcentrum also works on certain components of study, such as when preparing for a degree project. It functions as advisor to teachers and can, for example, explain how to formulate a task for the students in a manner that increases understanding. Språkcentrum collaborates with Student Health, providing, among other things, a seminar series intended for those who have attended Student Health to obtain help.

“Many of the students who require help have dyslexia, or Swedish may not be their mother tongue. But, of course, everyone is welcome,” says Ulrika Örtenberg. “Throughout their school career they have received language support, and this has enabled them to continue on to university. And when they get here, they still need support. The need to be able to read and write within different genres is increasing throughout society, no matter what you are studying or working with.”

How has the first term for Språkcentrum been?
Everything has worked out really well! The workshops we have held with students have been very popular. We are going to carry out an evaluation in May.

Are the services offered by Språkcentrum available to everybody?
Indeed! Just get in touch with us. We provide services for both teachers and students.


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Elisabet Wahrby 2018-01-15

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