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Efficiency gains in university admin

Work has recently been set in motion to give more efficient administrative support at LiU. So what is going on?

“The vice-chancellor has given me the task of suggesting how university-wide administrative support can be changed, in order to free up resources for our core activities,” says Kent Waltersson, director of higher education. “We want all faculties and departments to have the same type of administrative support, although the level of ambition can, of course, differ. We also want to minimise duplication of work, which is currently happening at certain places. And we plan to identify activities that need to be close to operations, and those that can be centralised.”

A steering group and a project group will be involved in the work. Principal investigator is Marianne Granfelt, formerly general secretary for the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF), who has an imposing record from the academic world. She has been, among other things, head of administration at Linköping University, and director of higher education/head of administration at Lund University.

The project consists of several parts, including a review of other institutions of higher education and how they organise administrative support, and a survey of the current situation at LiU. Marianne Granfelt started work a few weeks ago, and has begun by identifying areas in which gains in efficiency are possible. She has also considered the timing of such gains.

“I am deeply impressed by the commitment that the people I talk to demonstrate for the work we are to carry out,” says Marianne Granfelt. “The project will only be successful in proposing correct and permanent improvements if we can work in a spirit of collaboration and openness.”

Beslut - Effektivisering av verksamhetsstöd (the official university decision, in Swedish)

Åsa Borg 2017-12-07

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