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New printers – use the guides to get started

(Updated 2018-01-05 11:28)

The installation of the new printers from RICOH is now complete. The printers from Konica Minolta will be retrieved. Based on statistics of usage, the number of printers and placement has been optimised as part of the exchange process.


Guides for the printers

Instructions and guides will be available at the LiU helpdesk support portal. Useful guides:

Posters with short instructions

The posters are in A3 size. Feel free to print them in colour and put up adjacent to the printers.

Got questions or do you need help?

Contact Helpdesk:

Tel: 013-28 2828
E-mail: helpdesk@liu.se

New names on printers

The convention by which the printers are named has changed, and a printer name is of the form EDP-LIU-V-3-234. The first letters stand for Eduprint, followed by University code, and the third letter represents each campus (Valla V, US U, Norrköping N, Lidingö C). The first number denotes the type of printer (1= compact, 2 = standard, 3 = high performance). The last three numbers identify an individual printer. This information will help the support personnel if an error report is filed for a particular printer. The name of your printer is located on the front of the printer on a white label with a blue border.

The user interface of all types of printers is the same.

What do I as an employee need to do?

The IT department has automated the installation of the new printers on employee’s computers as much as it has been possible. If your computer is centrally administrated (for example AD-Mac or AD-Client) you are covered by this. The new printers is automatically added to your list of active printers. The old printers will remain in your list of active printers until the printer replacement at the university is done. Choose the new printer from the list to print.

For Mac users, download LiU Printers to add printers manually.

Will PrintAnywhere still be available?

Yes, but PrintAnywhere has changed its name to eduPrint-LiU.


About the printer replacement

Linköping University has, together with 13 other Swedish institutions of higher education, carried out a procurement process for new printing services. The contract has been awarded to RICOH, which offers a solution known as “Eduprint”. The Swedish Public Procurement Act (2007:1091) states that a procurement process must be carried out every four years, and this is why the process was carried out now. With the new contract, the supplier RICOH will also handle replenishment of toner and paper.

Karin Linhardt 2017-10-16

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