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Parking fees on the University Hospital Campus

Parking fees will be introduced for the personnel car parks of Region Östergötland on 15 September 2017. The final details of the magnitude of the fees and how payment will be made have now been determined.

The regional executive committee decided in August 2016 that fees should be charged for personnel car parks that have a market value.

Hourly fee and monthly season ticket. Employees at the hospitals will be able to pay the fee either at an hourly rate, with a ceiling for a 24-hour period, or purchase a 30-day season ticket. At the Linköping University Hospital, the hourly rate will be SEK 12, and a 30-day season ticket will cost SEK 550. The charges at Vrinnevi Hospital in Norrköping, Motala Hospital and Local Health Care in Finspång will be SEK 6 per hour and SEK 300 for a 30-day season ticket. Charges will be lower at night.

“The charges correspond to the market value of the car park. The assessment has been based on an inquiry we carried out into relevant parking fees at neighbouring car parks. The Swedish Tax Agency has been informed of the inquiry and the fees agree with the market value,” says Åsa Hedin Karlsson, chief financial officer of Region Östergötland.

Digital payment. The parking fees will be paid by a digital system.
“This is a convenient solution similar to other common payment services used for parking in urban environments,” says Eva Roos Grefberg, project manager at the Centre for Support Services and Development.

Anyone who wants to use the payment service must first create an account. A debit or credit card is then connected to the account, and the registration number (one or several) of the car(s) to be parked. Payment can then be made in several ways.
“If there are no entry barriers, you pay the fee in an app that you must download onto your mobile. This app is not needed at the University Hospital Campus, where there are barriers. The fee is here charged automatically since the payment service has been connected to the e-service card or LiU card that is used when driving into the car park.
More information with clear instructions for how to pay will be available well before the fees are introduced,” says Eva Roos Grefberg.
People who do not want to use the payment service will be able to pay the fees at parking machines in the hospital car parks.

All car parks with a market value. The decision about parking fees applies to all personnel parking in Region Östergötland that is considered to have a market value. Introduction of the system will start on 15 September.

“All details about the smaller car parks are not settled yet. The particular circumstances for these differ, depending on such things as who owns the property. Thus, the way in which payment is managed may differ. Employees at workplaces that are affected will receive more information,” says Eva Roos Grefberg.

A page with questions and answers (in Swedish) about the introduction of parking fees is available on the website of Region Östergötland.
Questions and answers about parking fees (in Swedish)


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