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Have your say on the work environment


In a few weeks’ time, employees and PhD students can expect to receive an e-mail from the vice-chancellor. It will then be time to complete the employee and PhD student survey.

The employee and PhD student survey is an important tool in the university’s work with the work environment. Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun makes the following comments in a film describing this year’s survey:
“By completing the employee and PhD student survey, everyone can make their voice heard, with respect to both the work environment and the atmosphere at the workplace. The responses enable us to make the university a better place to work, and become even stronger.”

Bild: Monika Rissanen och Sophie Dufwenberg“There are only small changes from the survey we held two years ago,” says Monika Rissanen of the Human Resources Division. We want to be able to compare this year’s results with those from previous years.”
A few years ago, the employee survey and the PhD student survey, for those employed as PhD students, were combined into one. Other PhD students complete a survey designed solely for PhD students.

“The PhD students appreciate that they do not get two different surveys at different times, so we intend to continue with this structure,” says Monika Rissanen.

This year Sophie Dufwenberg at the Study Administrative Office is responsible for the PhD student survey.

“We have modified and clarified some questions in the form used in the PhD student survey in order to make the results easier to interpret. And we have adapted the English version considerably, so that it reflects the Swedish version more closely.
It is important that the relationship between supervisor and PhD student is functioning well. For this reason, the questions about this relationship still receive a lot of attention in the PhD student survey. Another area that receives a lot of attention is stress, which is a problem for many PhD students.”

The reply frequency last time was 77% for employees and 63% for PhD students.

“It’s important to maintain this high reply frequency,” says Monika Rissanen. “The higher the reply frequency, the more reliable the results are, and thus more valuable in our work to develop the workplace.”

For more information, see the FAQ, which contains questions and answers about the employee and PhD student survey.

Important dates

  • 22 February: Survey distributed by e-mail
  • 15 March: Deadline for completing the survey
  • 11 April: Results presented at Campus Valla
  • 12 April: Results presented at the University Hospital Campus and Campus Norrköping.



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In the menu that then appears, click on “Undertexter (2)” and then select “English”.




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