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Ordering suspended while Raindance starts

The new Raindance system will be used for purchasing from January 2017. This means that Friday 30 December 2016 is the final day on which orders can be placed using the current system, LiU-Inköp/Proceedo.

If you are in the process of placing an order in Proceedo, it will be possible to continue this until 5.00 pm on 30 December 2016. Purchases can be approved up to and including 9 January 2017. After this, the Proceedo system will be open only for reading contractual information, viewing order history, and conducting the process for a renewed procurement procedure (solely for purchasing agents).

Ordering suspended for a week. New orders can be placed with effect from 9 January 2017 in the new system, Raindance. It is the intention that it will be possible initially to place orders with the most frequently used suppliers from which LiU receives invoices.

When the new system starts, a list will be available on “Inside LiU”, here, showing which suppliers are now in the new system and which ones are soon to be included. In order to be able to place an order using a purchase order (rekvisition), the supplier must be on the list of suppliers in Raindance.

If a supplier has not yet been included in Raindance, you must complete the form requesting that a supplier be included. This form will be published on “Inside LiU” when the system starts here. Provide the required information about the supplier and send the form by e-mail to ekonomisystem@liu.se. As soon as the supplier has been reviewed and included in Raindance, you will receive an e-mail message informing you of this. You can then place an order.

In order to become authorised to place e-orders, you should take the course “E-handel Beställa”, which covers the complete process from order to certified invoice or automatically matched invoice, where relevant. Register for the course.

If you have any questions concerning the change of system, feel free to send them to



Karl Öfverström 2016-12-14

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