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LiU’s new foodmarket to open

Grilled, pasta, slow food, sushi or wraps – a wide range will be on offer from foodtrucks from 28 November in the area known as “Blå havet” on Campus Valla.

Bild: Blå havet, Campus Valla.Students have long desired a more diverse range of food and more lunch possibilities. Foodtrucks provide one way to satisfy their wishes.
“We have made arrangements with several providers who contacted us and were interested in contributing to a more diverse lunch range here at LiU,” says Tobias Lindberg, head of the Facilities Management Office. “It turned out that the companies that contacted us have different menus and specialities. This means that they won’t be competing, but will complement each other, and complement the ordinary range of restaurants and cafés on Campus Valla.”

“The foodtruck sites will be arranged at the roundabout at Blå havet, where the blood donor bus usually parks,” says Tobias Lindberg. Each foodtruck will have the opportunity to come at least three days a week, Monday to Friday. This means that the foods on offer will vary during the week. They have been given permission to be here at any time during the day, but it’s most probable that they will mainly target the lunch period.

Even from the first day, some providers have expressed an interest in serving some form of light breakfast, while at the same time remaining throughout the afternoon in order to offer, for example, take-away meals to be eaten in the evening. One condition we have in the agreement with the providers is that they will not be here on the one or two days every month when the blood donor bus is here.”

The agreement will run until the end of the spring term and this will act as a form of test period. The first months are during the winter period, and most people will have food from home with them, to eat indoors.

“We are appealing to everyone who buys food to take responsibility for waste, and throw it away in the sorting bins available in public spaces. When it gets warmer, we will organise more waste collection bins outdoors, close to Blå havet,” says Tobias Lindberg.

He is positive to the idea of a trial during the spring with at least one foodtruck positioned here some evenings and weekends.

“I hope that this will contribute to a feeling of security on the campus when there are parties and events. It can feel a bit deserted and empty here, otherwise.”

If everything works as planned, Tobias Lindberg sees a potential for further development of the idea.

“In that case, we would look at other possible locations for the foodtrucks during various events. One possibility we’re considering is the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test, when several thousand people have to eat lunch in an hour. But we are also looking student events and external events that take place on or close to the campus. Creating activity in the area during this type of event, mainly during the evenings and weekends, can contribute to increased safety and security for everyone. We are also hoping that it will in the long term create new forms of collaboration between our creative student sections and associations. Always an innovator,” concludes Tobias Lindberg.




Elisabet Wahrby 2016-11-25

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