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Leader of the Year

The award for entrepreneurial teacher of the year for 2016 has been awarded to two recipients: Charlotte Norrman and Magnus Klofsten. The jury’s citation recognises the winners as two committed people who for many years have spread a culture of entrepreneurship at LiU.

Bild: Johan Lilliecreutz, VD LiU Holding AB delar ut prischecken till Magnus Klofsten.This is the fifth year that the award for entrepreneurial teacher of the year, founded and awarded by LiU Innovation, has been awarded. Its purpose is to encourage actions that enable knowledge and ideas that arise at LiU to benefit the society around the university.
This year, Charlotte Norrman and Magnus Klofsten from the Department of Management and Engineering, Division Project, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, share the award and the SEK 20,000 prize money.

“It’s just amazing! This is the best award you can get. I have received some other awards but this is more special,” said Magnus Klofsten after the awards ceremony at which he received the award alone, in the absence of Charlotte Norrman who was unable to attend. She, however, added:
“It’s wonderful! I usually say that I have a passion for entrepreneurship, and the fact that this is being rewarded in this way warms the depths of my being. Thank you!”
“And now we have a good reason to buy in some expensive cakes and coffee for a coffee break with our colleagues,” says Magnus Klofsten.

Magnus Klofsten, who is professor of innovation and entrepreneurship, and Charlotte Norrman, who is senior lecturer, have worked for several years developing education in entrepreneurship at several levels. Magnus Klofsten describes how entrepreneurship as a research field has developed enormously since he studied it in the 1980s.

“Entrepreneurship then simply meant starting your own business. Now it is a type of behaviour Bild: Charlotte Norrman.that permeates all types of activity in different ways. It’s part of the attraction of entrepreneurship as a subject that it is so multidisciplinary: there are so many ways to approach it. Entrepreneurship is the main focus for some people, while others come in from another direction. The latter find the subject fulfilling, and can develop and broaden it within their own field, which can be anything. Interest in these questions has grown enormously.”

The jury’s citation:

“The award winners for 2016 have in an admirable manner and for many years spread a culture of entrepreneurship at Linköping University – a culture that is important for LiU to be able to live up to increased expectations within innovation and application.

The award this year goes to two committed people who inspire many researchers and students to have the courage required to start their own company and – possibly more important – to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set. This ability is evermore in demand by industry and is central to many fields of education and research at our comprehensive university.”



Top: Johan Lilliecreutz, Managing Director of LiU Holding AB presenting the cheque for the prize money to Magnus Klofsten

Bottom: Charlotte Norrman



Elisabet Wahrby 2016-11-24

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