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Time for Environmental Prize nominations

It’s now time to nominate candidates for the LiU Environmental Prize, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Based on the “alternate years” principle, employees are eligible for nomination this year.

The prize was inaugurated to promote the environmental work that is done at the university and to stimulate discussion around environmental issues. The prize is to be awarded to an employee or student/student organisation who has made LiU slightly more sensitive to the environment in the year that has passed.

Last year’s prize was awarded to the student organisation PULS for its work inspiring people and spreading knowledge about environmental and energy issues at LiU. Based on the principle that the prize should be awarded alternately to students and employees, this year employees are eligible for nomination.

The deadline for nominations to the LiU Environmental Prize, with a value of SEK 5,000, is 30 November.

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Elisabet Wahrby 2016-11-02

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