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Newly arrived students on placement

LiU and other government agencies have been requested by the Swedish government to provide work experience placements for those who have newly arrived in Sweden. It is now possible for departments and units to register their interest.

The system of placements for the newly arrived is to extend for a three-year period, starting in 2016. The aims are that newly arrived job seekers are to improve their Swedish language, develop a more extensive network, and gain knowledge about work at government agencies. It should be possible to combine such a placement with, for example, Swedish for Immigrants, SFI.

Departments and units that are interested in taking personnel on placement for a period of duration between two and six months can contact Randi Hellgren, HR director, or Veronica Brodén Gyberg, coordinator for the LiU initiative for refugees. They will pass the enquiry on to Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden's Public Employment Agency for pairing.

Arbetsgivarverket, the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, has drawn up a form, and more information can be found on Arbetsgivarverket’s website. (in swedish)

Elisabet Wahrby 2016-10-05

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Last updated: 2016-10-17