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Green Line available throughout Campus Norrköping

It has been possible to sort food waste at the personnel and student kitchens in the Täppan Building since May. The system is now being introduced for the complete Campus Norrköping.

Bild: Line Jepson, , chef för LiU Serviceenheten i NorrköpingAt Campus Valla, food waste has been collected under a system known as the “Green Line” for several years. The same system was introduced in a pilot project at the Täppan Building on Campus Norrköping in May. This is now being extended, and the sorting of food waste is being introduced into all personnel and student facilities on Campus Norrköping.

A special container in the waste-collection unit is used for food waste. These will be emptied once a day, as part of the schedule of the cleaning service staff. The waste will be subsequently stored in a chilled room (previously used by a restaurant housed in the Kåkenhus Building). The food waste will be collected by the municipality once a week.

“It’s the same at work as it is at home,” says Line Jepson, head of the LiU Service Division in Norrköping. “People are used to sorting food waste at home, and I’m convinced that there won’t be any problems here.”


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-10-04

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