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Raindance under testing

The new LiU-wide financial system Raindance is now in place. It is to undergo initial testing by users for a few weeks, and these tests have now started.

Bild: Kick off inför testperioden av Raindance.Around 50 employees from both University Services and various divisions will be testing the new financial system Raindance for the next six weeks. They include financial officers, controllers, administrators and purchasers. The complete system will be tested, from purchasing to the payment of invoices, accounting an individual transaction to year-end reports, other reports and project accounting.

Camilla Höglund works with accounting at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and will be testing different scenarios for supplier invoices, the various ways in which an invoice can arrive, and the financial streams into which they are to be directed.
“I haven’t seen the user interface yet, but I’m looking forward to being one of the test pilots. Now that several systems are to become a single one, it may be that the new system is not Bild: Medarbetare under kick-offen.optimal in all respects. But I’m sure that we will be able to get an accurate overview now that everything is under the same system. And once we’ve learnt how to use it, it’ll probably save us time and work. What I’m really looking forward to is the automatic pairing of purchase orders and invoices.”
Camilla is also convinced that the current testing, in which many employees work with the system, will be positive.
“By ensuring participation from the complete university, I’m sure that we will include scenarios that the central administration may not have thought about.” And the testing means that everyone will be given an opportunity to make their voice heard.

Maria Fält is responsible for purchasing at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning and she is to test mainly the e-purchasing functions.
“We are hoping that the useful functions in the previous system are also available here. But we’re worried that some things are missing. One Bild: Medarbetare under kick-offen.thing I’m really hoping is that Raindance will be easier to work with. But it’s difficult at the moment to know whether it’s going to save time: we haven’t started the test yet. But more efficient working routines are always welcome.”
Maria also is positive to so many people being involved in testing the system.
“I took part in the analysis and design phase of the project. It’s really great that we who work close to the university’s day-to-day work are involved right from the start, and that our opinions and ideas are listened to. This is positive, and very gratifying.”

Lotta Carlsson works with internal trade at the University Services central office and probably deals manually with more invoices than anyone else at LiU. LiU-Tryck on its own generates 3,500 invoices a year.
“Now all internal invoices from LiU-Tryck will go directly into Raindance as files, without any manual intervention. So I’m sure that it will be less work in the long run.”
The improvement, if everything works as intended, comes from everything being in the same system, which means that everything happens more rapidly. But it will be a major change, a completely new way of thinking, and Lotta suspects that it may take some time before the new system becomes natural for people to use.
“It’s exciting and interesting. Five of the eight members of the economy group are to be involved in testing the new system, so we expect to develop a high level of collective expertise here. We work in pairs when testing, and this is a good way of getting different perspectives on the system: four eyes are better than two. And it’s a privilege to be asked to be involved with testing something that the whole university will work with later.”


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Elisabet Wahrby 2016-09-26

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