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Harvest time for urban agriculture

During the summer the A-Building has been home to an urban agriculture project following an initiative from doctoral student Ida Åberg. The pilot project has now concluded with a harvest festival with food from the garden.

Bild: Ida Åberg vid en av pallkragarna. Ida Åberg is a doctoral student in political science and is looking at urban agriculture from a political perspective. But she wanted to test the idea in practice. With donated plants and soil, and cultivation boxes built at LiU, she obtained approval from the property owner and started growing crops. A rented beehive has also contributed.

“It’s worked well - people have joined in and helped, with watering, for example,” says Ida Åberg. One thing she has learned for next time is that it is probably better to have a clearer structure with a few people having clear responsibilities. “The summer has been warm and dry, and watering the plants has probably been a bit haphazard. And it’s probably a good idea to select plants that don’t need so much care.”

Bild: Kö till maten på skördefesten.The project has, however, worked so well that the harvest was more than enough for a “divine” lunch, as one of the around 20 guests expressed it. The menu consisted of potato and leek soup, zucchini bread, horseradish paste, honey, green tomato marmalade, beetroot marmalade and pesto from sun-dried tomatoes. All of the raw materials came from Ida’s plaot in the A-Building or from her own allotment, and only a few dairy products were purchased.

“I’ve received a lot of positive comments about the idea. It may not have contributed much to my own research, but I think I’ve inspired some people.”

One of those who have been inspired is Natasha Bank, doctoral student in entrepreneurship.
“I didn’t know it was possible to grow such crops in Sweden, but now I’ve actually started Bild: Tallrik med soppa och bröd.weeding my own garden, and picked some apples. We’ll have to see where it leads.”


Urban agriculture in A Building

Elisabet Wahrby 2016-09-22

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