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No web launch before the summer

There will be no launch of the new LiU Web before the summer. Continued technical problems and the need for time for fact checking made the steering group choose to postpone the launch.

The priority in the development work has been to get all the programmes in, including free-standing courses from Bilda, our new course database. We’ve had several repeated problems with getting the information to flow correctly between Bilda and our new LiU Web. Now there’s a solution for how free-standing courses and the specialist teacher programmes will be displayed with the particular qualification requirements that apply. There are a few things left to correct, however.

Within the next few days, the faculties will be able to start fact-checking the transfers from Bilda. The time needed for this is four weeks.  We will then be into July, and most people will be starting their vacations. The project therefore feels that staffing is too thin for launch in the middle of the summer.
On the other hand there is still a possibility, once the technology is stable, of releasing the beta version publicly, provided that the development web is correct.
The developers will be working all summer and will be devoting their time to additional development.

“Naturally it’s unfortunate that we didn’t reach our goal this summer; many people have really fought hard to get there and they deserve great thanks for their hard work and their patience,” says Mariethe Larsson, director of communications. “But we put technical security and having all the programme information correct before speeding up a launch in this situation.”

If you are in the LiU internal network, you can see how our new web is being constructed at beta.liu.se

Elisabet Wahrby 2016-06-09

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