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NärCon – what’s happening

LiU has been the scene of NärCon, which attracts thousands of visitors, since 2011. The convention will be taking LiU this year as well, now a little bugger and with a few minor changes.

NärCon is the Nordic countries’ largest festival for Japanese pop culture and games. It began in Örebro in 2002, and came to LiU in 2011 when its originator Samuel Anlér moved to Linköping to study. From the start, the convention has grown every year; this year the goal is 9,000 visitors.
Since last year, LiU has had a special senior coordinator, Niclas Söör, who works a few hours a week on the event; this year, he joined in the planning from the beginning of August.
“The setup will be roughly the same as in previous years. We won’t be making any major changes; 2016 will be a bit of a year of improvement for working with internal self-checking.”

NärCon facts: this is what’s happening

  • NärCon 2016 will take place on July 28–31.
  • Representatives for NärCon will be on site from July 25 to August 2.
  • Its goal is 9,000 visitors.
  • University Park will not be used; instead, it is moving to the grassy area behind C Building.
  • The buildings that will be used by NärCon are A Building, C Building, parts of B Building, Key Building, the Department of Thematic Studies, G Building and Campushallen Building. But not D Building, Origo Building or Zenit Building.
  • The event will be fenced in from Key Building to Märkesbacken.
  • LiU employees and students will get into the area by showing their LiU cards. Tip: To avoid lines, go in through a door at the back of the buildings.
  • Questions? Contact senior coordinator Niclas Söör, 070-335 4640.


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-06-08

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