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The day after

Camilla Sandberg – you’ve arranged your first conferment ceremony since taking over as master of ceremonies. How does it feel?

Ceremonimästare Camilla Smedberg. Foto: Peter Holgerson“It feels wonderful! Everything went so well. It’s a large, complex event with so many people and processes. For an outside observer, it’s probably difficult to imagine how much work an event like this one involves. And there are great expectations that this will be a fantastic ceremony – both for the promovendi and installandi, and for the returning guests who know what it should be like.
“And I’m exhausted!”

Did everything go as planned?
“Yes. There were small things that didn’t work, but no worse than we could handle. I think that’s inevitable with a large event like this.”

Have you changed your predecessor’s setup in any way?
“I reintroduced the toastmaster during the dinner, who did things like host the sing-along, which was also new. And I had a song of praise specially written for the promovendi and installandi, performed by the student singers to the melody of Hooked on A Feeling. It was a little daring – above all with the sing-along – but it went well.
“Another thing I did differently was that I documented all my work. When I took over, nothing had been written down – no plans for the process. It makes things easier when starting the work for the next conferment ceremony; above all, it’s not as vulnerable. Additionally, I introduced a new, digital reporting method.”

Camilla Smedberg och kollegan Ewa Gustafsson. Foto: Peter HolgerssonHow long did you work before this conferment?
“I started in December and got going properly in January.”

When will you start with planning for the next year?
“I start in the autumn. I see a number of things we can do differently. This is a ceremony loaded with tradition – it has to be – and that’s why I think it’s fun to work with it. But there are a number of things that can be changed within that framework.”

What will you do now?
“I’m using up compensatory leave for the next few days. And I’ll be writing a speech I’m giving on June 6 at Åtvidaberg – a task I was given owing to my interest in local history.
“Then, naturally, we’ll evaluate and go through the budget. Gradually, I’ll be the project manager for the ‘Alumni of the Year’ event.
“I’ve been living with the conferment ceremony for four months now – at the beginning, I dreamed about it every night. It’s going to be rather empty now, for better or for worse. But I won’t turn on my computer and check my mail, which I do first thing in the morning.”


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Elisabet Wahrby 2016-05-30

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