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Green line now in Norrköping

On Campus Valla, Gröna linjen – the Green Line – is a food waste collection effort that has been around for several years. As of May 2, an attempt at the same thing is being introduced in Täppan Building on Campus Norrköping.

Bild: Line Jepson, , chef för LiU Serviceenheten i NorrköpingThe system for collection of food waste looks a little different in Norrköping and Linköping Municipalities.
“Gröna Linjen isn’t in Norrköping, but within LiU we use the same concept so that it will be clear,” says Line Jepson, head of the LiU Service Unit in Norrköping.
As an experiment, collection of food waste is being introduced in Täppan Building as of May 2. There are two staff rooms and a student kitchen here, in which boxes for food waste will be used in the waste bins.

The boxes are emptied once a day, a routine that is being rolled into the cleaning services’ normal schedule. The waste is then collected in a cold room that has been in the cellar since there was a restaurant in Kåkenhus Building. Once a week, the food waste is collected by the municipality.
“This works the same way as it does at home,” Mr Jepson says. “People are used to sorting food waste, and I don’t think there will be any problems.”

The ideas is to expand collection to more buildings over the fall; summer is a good period to test things out, Mr Jepson states. The cool room is an advantage here; no old food waste will be standing around in the heat and starting to smell.


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-04-27

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