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Travel agency compensating

LiU’s contracted travel agency, BCD Travel, has not functioned optimally, which has created both irritation and extra work. But LiU is now being given compensation. The more we utilize it, the more we’re compensated.

LiU has not been completely satisfied with the services of BCD Travel. Staff throughout our organisation have had to put a lot of time and energy into errors they have caused.
In light of this, the Procurement Division has negotiated compensation, which has resulted in a three-month fee-free period for “personal service”. This means that all trips booked via telephone or e-mail will be fee-free during April, May, and June 2016.
“During this period, we can contact the travel agency and book trips. The more we use this personal service, the more LiU gains from the agreement,” says Peter Åbrodd, head of contracts at the Procurement Division.

If everyone makes use of the personal service in April, May, and June, Mr Åbrodd estimates that the value of the compensation for the university’s part will total a significant amount.

More information, in the form of a FAQ, can be found on Resesidan (the Travel Page), under FAQ Resebyråtjänster (Travel Agency Services).


Elisabet Wahrby 2016-03-23

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Last updated: 2016-04-04