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Yet another milestone passed

"We still have a great deal of development and debugging to do before we can go live with the new external website,” says Magnus Johansson, who is leading the project. “The pages will be continuously constructed and filled out. In the near future, we’ll also be conducting tests on the site.”

A beta version of the web means that we are adding more functions and more content at the same time as everyone on the LiU net can visit and navigate around the site. This also means that it’s still under development and that not all functions are up and running.

The new liu.se is constructed based on visitors’ needs; it should be easy to find your way, the visitor should be able to trust that they are finding the correct information, and there should not be several parallel structures with the same content, generally speaking.

“In our analytical work we found that it was those two things that visitors from outside experienced as problematic,” Mr Johansson continues. “It was difficult to find correct information, and they couldn’t trust that it was reliable. To a great extent, this is due to the fact that our current web site is difficult to navigate and – in some places – impenetrable.”

New design

Visitors will immediately notice that the new liu.se does not have a menu in the traditional sense; the simplest way to find information is to navigate around with the help of the search function located at the top of the page.
Another new feature is that the pages are marked with ‘tags’. This means that content can be linked regardless of where it is located on the web site.
The new liu.se is built to work well on mobile phones and tablets, with what’s known as ‘responsive design’. But remember, it’s only available through LiU’s own network, as well as through eduroam and VPN.

You’ll navigate with the search function found at the top of the page by clicking on the magnifying glass.
We also have two major entryways at the top of the page: “Utbildning” (Programmes) and “Forskning” (Research), where you’ll go further into the respective areas. The header and footer follow you throughout the website.
As previously, it supports two languages: Swedish and English. Regardless of where you come in to the web site, you can switch languages.

Take a look for yourself! Go to beta.liu.se and see how the new liu.se is taking form. On the web project pages, you’ll find more information on how the site is intended to work:

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