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Increased collaboration with VTI

The goal of the collaboration is to reduce traffic injuries requiring hospital care. But traffic medicine is a broad field. At an initial meeting, they therefore agreed on a seminar with three focus areas in which LiU, VTI and the Centre for Disaster Medicine will actively participate. The areas are databases, falling accidents and conditions among passengers.

Participating from LiU are Folke Sjöberg, deputy vice-chancellor and doctor specializing in burn injuries; and Robert Larsen, anaesthesiologist and PhD student who works with registry studies. Participating from VTI are Anna Anund, Anna Vadeby, Anna Niska, Åsa Forsman and Jenny Eriksson. In addition, Calle Jonsson and Helen Nilsson from the Centre for Disaster Medicine are included.

This is the first seminar in a series with different themes. Other planned themes are:

  • Fossil dependency and energy-efficient transports. Responsible for the event: Maria Huge Brodin, LiU; and Åsa Aretun, VTI.
  • Human Machine Interaction. Responsible for the event: Jan Andersson, VTI.
  • Big Data – Focus on Method. Responsible for the event: Claes Rydergren, LiU; and Anita Ihs, VTI.
  • Automation: Visualisation, including research equipment. Responsible for the event: Lars Nielsen, LiU; and Jonas Jansson, VTI.
  • Bicycles. Responsible person not yet designated.

Elisabet Wahrby 2015-10-26

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