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Announcement of AF Prizes

The Academic Society Prize, or AF Prize, was first awarded in 1999. So far, 36 people at LiU – teachers, researchers, students and administrators – have been recipients.

The prize is intended to draw attention to and to encourage all kinds of efforts. The recipient can be young or old, an assiduous teacher or researcher, an engaged student or employee with various kinds of duties. The one thing in common should be the personal effort and engagement in the university as a workplace or study environment.

The 2015 announcement covers two prizes of SEK 5,000 each. One of the prizes is being awarded in the memory of Kjell Norberg, a former municipal councillor in Norrköping.

Suggestions for recipients can be both individual employees or students at LiU and groups of work or study colleagues, professional organizations, student unions, student clubs, boards or commissions.
The prizes are also open to applications from individuals.

Read more and submit an application on the AF Prize website (In Swedish)




Elisabet Wahrby 2015-10-12

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