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File archive for new templates

Ever since the launch of the university’s new graphic profile, designers Peter Modin and Jenny Widén have been working hard on uploading new templates to the file storage embedded on the page for LiU’s graphic profile. All the templates that are to be used can now be found there.

“The most common templates, the ones people use most, are Word templates,” Ms Widén says, adding:
“Read the graphic manual first! Many of the questions we get could be easily answered by reading in the manual. Using the right template for the right things is important.”

In addition to the Word templates, there are also templates for posters and roll-ups, buttons and banners for the Web, and PowerPoint presentations, to name a few. Mr Modin and Ms Widén have gone through so much of the list that they’re now busy with templates for stamps and clothing.
“A number of divisions use special programs, and there we’ve had to get help from them in order to create templates,” Mr Modin says. “We don’t know all the special programs.”

“Use only the new file archive when retrieving templates,” Mr Modin and Ms Widén urge. “Old templates may remain here and there, and many people have probably also saved bookmarks and links to previous templates. Delete them! And use the file archive!”

Here is the address: http://www.liu.se/insidan/kommunikationsstod/grafiskprofil?l=sv

Are you missing a template? E-mail: grafiskmanual@liu.se


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Last updated: 2015-09-21