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New identity on the way

This week is the launch of LiU’s new logo and graphic identity, part of our efforts to strengthen the university’s position. For employees this will mean a few changes.

Sneak peek of the new graphic identityCompetition for students and staff is constantly rising, nationally and internationally. If Linköping University is to be visible, its communication must be consistent and clear. One part of retaining a strong position is a new graphic identity, which will be launched this week.

”We have to make use of Linköping University’s strong brand, a result of its successful research and highly ranked study programmes. But to succeed we have to do this uniformly, all of us. The people who have been involved in the design process and have had a sneak preview have given very positive feedback, so I hope for favourable reactions this week when we unveil the new look,” says Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun.

Today many of our operations, divisions, projects and the like have their own logos and identities. In the long term, disorder like this can be problematic.

”Our graphic identity has been patched and adjusted so many times that we were simply forced to take a new approach, which we’re good at here at LiU. By working together, united, both inside and outside the university, we can better nurture our brand,” explains LiU Director of Communications Mariethe Larsson.

A clear, uniform identity is also more cost-efficient. The new graphic identity guidelines will be a support for the organisation. Firstly they show how to produce new materials and secondly they give clear advice on what can and cannot be done. The guidelines have been very well receive by communications officers around the university; the guidelines give them support that they previously lacked.

Sharing a common brand helps build a sense of togetherness. The vice-chancellor often speaks about one LiU and that we should wear our LiU hat. Ms Larsson:

”And it’s not just about a feeling, it must be visible as well.”

The work to develop the new graphic identity has cost SEK 2.5 million over a two-year period.

”It required a lot of preliminary work to arrive at a strategy for our brand, so it’s about more than just a graphic identity. We needed to agree on who we are, our aim, our position, i.e. how we distinguish ourselves from other universities. We have consulted broadly and held numerous workshops, to finally find our new visual identity.”

Ms Larsson is confident that this cost will be pay itself off in a few years.
”I’m aware that over the years, a lot of money has gone to advertising agencies, to get help with printed materials and graphic design. We can save this money over time. As well as by creating printed materials that can be shared, such as graduation diplomas, degree certificates.”

What happens on 20 May when the new graphic identity is launched?

Digital materials should be replaced right away, including email signatures, templates and website graphics etc. Printed materials should be used until they run out. Signage should be replaced gradually, in order of priority. But an end date for all of these will be set at a later stage.

  • New graphic identity guidelines will be available on Inside LiU, at Communications Toolkit.
  • New templates for Word and PowerPoint will be sent out.
  • New email signatures will be sent out, for use from 20 May.
  • New typefaces will be distributed automatically to all computers with an AD number.

As an employee, what can I do?

”Tidy up! Get rid of old PowerPoint and Word templates, clear out brochure and magazine racks, use the new email signature from day one and install the new templates on your computer. If you have external partners, ask them to use our new logo in joint documents and digital channels,” says Ms Larsson.

The Communications and Marketing Division will provide support to ensure a smooth transition to the new graphic identity. Questions relating to content and application can be emailed to grafiskmanual@liu.se

If you have any questions, please contact your communications officer or the Communications and Marketing Division.

Elisabet Wahrby 2015-05-13

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Last updated: 2015-05-18