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Welcome to Anniversary Symposium

For two days in April, LiU will host an anniversary symposium, one of six being held to commemorate the 275th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Image: IstockphotoUniversity staff and the public are welcome to attend the symposium, to be held at Campus Valla on 22 and 23 April.

Invited speakers include Professor William J. Dally, Stanford University who will discuss the challenges facing computer systems of the future, and Matthias P. Lütolf, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, who will speak on the cultivation of skin and other organs with the help of stem cells. LiU professor Martin Kylhammar will begin with some thoughts on the chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Östergötland native and long-time secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The symposium in Linköping is part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ 275th anniversary. The anniversary is being commemorated with six scientific symposia in 2014 and 2015, one for each major university town in Sweden. Academy members from the universities of Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund, Stockholm, Umeå and Uppsala have formed six planning groups that have made proposals for highly relevant symposia for each university town.

Now it is Linköping's turn to host the symposium, which will consist of four LiU-specific themes where technological breakthroughs will make huge difference to people's health and wellbeing in the near future.

Bioelectronics that will soon make it possible to monitor human bodily functions via the internet, for rapid diagnosis and personalised medical care.

Computed tomography and visualisation that reveals everything from a diseased heart or liver to how our brains work.

Regenerative medicine where human spare parts, such as the heart, skin and blood vessels are cultivated in Petri dishes.

Drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – that enable rapid, effective emergency response to natural disasters, plane crashes and other serious accidents.


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