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Recipients of climate compensation funds

Five projects have been awarded funding from the LiU Climate Compensation Fund. The projects deal mainly with lighting and electric vehicles.

The fund received a total of 12 applications. At the meeting of the expert group it was decided to allocate money from the fund to five of these.

  • LiU-Service Norrköping: Electric bicycles, SEK 32,000
  • Department of Mathematics: Installation of movement-activated lighting SEK 22,500
  • LiU-Service, Valla: Electric cars SEK 250,000 (the expert group urges this to be located on the University Hospital Campus).
  • Facilities Management Office: Change of lighting in Kåkenhus Building, SEK 320,000
  • Department of Science and Technology: Change of strip lighting armatures in Täppan Building, SEK 60,000

The total sum allocated is SEK 684,500.

All the projects will be evaluated after completion, and a report will be submitted at least six months after the start of the project.

The Climate Compensation Fund is an internal fund set up in 2011. Each year departments and staff can apply for money from the fund for measures that reduce the university's energy consumption and impact on the climate.

The fund is financed through air travel paid for by the university being levied with a climate compensation fee of 250 SEK per ton of carbon monoxide emissions.

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Elisabet Wahrby 2015-03-31

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