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NärCon to be fenced in

The NärCon Japanese youth festival has become a tradition at Campus Valla. A change this summer is that the event will be fenced in.

On 23-26 July, NärCon – a young peoples’ festival of Japanese pop culture and gaming – will once again be held at Campus Valla. The event has grown, and this year the organisers have decided to cordon off an area between C Building and A Building, including Key Building and the parking lot behind Zenit Building.

The fencing will be in place between 20 and 27 July. In the fencing there will be openings/gates in a number of places. All LiU employees will be able to get into the area by showing their LiU card at the gate.
A map of where the gates are located will come later.

If your activities are affected by the event and you need to discuss solutions, please get in touch with NärCon chief organiser Samuel Anlér by email, samuel.anler@narcon.se, or phone 0737-39 02 49.

Elisabet Wahrby 2015-03-17

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