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New regulations for chemicals

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is tightening up the requirements for handling chemicals and for work in laboratories and workshops. The new regulations will affect many departments at LiU.

The requirements from the Swedish Work Environment Authority have been implemented in order to reduce the risks of staff and students being exposed to carcinogenic products. The new rules will affect how work with chemicals is carried out in laboratories and workshops.

The Environment and Security Office would therefore like to inform you about the new regulations.

CMR products

Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic chemical substances and products are called “CMR products”. Stricter rules will apply to CMR products, which entails things such as:

  • an investigation must be carried out before a CMR product may be used or stored
  • a closed system is to be used to avoid exposure
  • staff/students exposed to CMR products must be recorded in a special register

Examples of some common CMR products:

  • Acrylamide
  • Formaldehyde (has been reclassified, new safety data sheets will be available from 1 April, 2015)
  • Dust from hardwoods

Your CMR products:

People keeping chemical inventories in a department can get lists from the KLARA chemicals management system showing which CMR products are currently on the inventory of that division or unit.

More information

More information on CMR products and regulations can be found in the Laboratory Safety Manual

Questions or thoughts?

Kristina Orselius
Chemicals issues senior coordinator, KLARA system administrator
Environment and Security Office, Legal Division
Tel: 013-28 20 33

Hanna Wessman
Senior coordinator for laboratory safety
Environment and Security Office, Legal Division
Tel: 013-28 15 64

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