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Members of the collaboration council

The members of the LiU collaboration committee for the period 2015-2017 have now been appointed. The chairman of the committee will be the Deputy Vice-chancellor for External Relations.

In accordance with the Vice Chancellor’s instructions, Deputy Vice-chancellor for External Relations Peter Värbrand will chair the LiU collaboration committee. In addition, the following people have been appointed to as members:

  • Per Larsson, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Ann-Charlott Ericson, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Åsa Danielsson, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Lars Kåreklint, Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Eric Wahlberg,  Department of Medical and Health Sciences
  • Maria Jenmalm, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
  • Mattias Severin, Department of Science and Technology
  • Jenny Palm, Department of Thematic Studies (TEMA)
  • Josefina Syssner, Department for Studies of Social Change and Culture
  • Svante Gunnarsson, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Johan Lilliecreutz,  LiU Holding AB

Elisabet Wahrby 2015-02-10

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