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Time to measure working environment

In a couple of weeks staff and PhD students can expect to see an email from the Vice-Chancellor in their inbox.  Once again, it will be time to fill in the staff and PhD student survey.

Monika Rissanen och Eric Lindesjöö håller i årets medarbetar- och doktorandundersökning.The staff and PhD student survey is an important tool in the University’s work on at its working environment. This is what the Vice-Chancellor has to say in the film about this year’s staff and PhD student survey: “It’s important to me that every member of staff is happy and doing well at Linköping University. A good work environment is a prerequisite for us to achieve that aim. For that reason it is important that all staff fill in the questionnaires, so that we can develop and get even better.

“There are no major differences from the survey two years ago,” says Monika Rissanen of the HR department. “We’ve tried to retain the questions from previous years so as to be able make comparisons over time. There are only a few questions we’ve tried to make clearer. And it is also Ramböll Management Consulting who is collating the survey responses.”

Something new in the last survey was that the staff survey was combined with the PhD student survey of PhD students employed by the university.  Other PhD students only received the PhD student survey.

“They appreciated not receiving two different surveys on two separate occasions,” Ms Rissanen says. “So we’re doing the same thing this year as well.”

New this year, however, is that Eric Lindesjöö, who works with quality issues in the Institute of Technology, will be responsible for the PhD student survey.
“We want to strengthen the follow up of the PhD survey. We have seen that stress is a problem for a lot of PhD students. And the relationship between the supervisor and the PhD student is another important factor we would like to throw some light on. The survey is an important quality assurance tool in this work.”

One week before the survey, the Vice-Chancellor will send out an email with information to everyone. The survey itself will be sent out on 24 February.  In order to qualify to take part in the survey, the respondent must have been employed on at least a 20% contract since 1. October, 2014.
The results will be presented on 16 April on Campus Valla and 17 April on University Hospital Campus and Campus Norrköping.

“Two years ago we had a response rate of 79% for the staff survey and 69% for the PhD student survey,” Ms Rissanen tells us. “Those are very good figures and we hope we can improve the response rate even more in order to draw as reliable conclusions as possible about  LiU as a workplace, equally as valuable as the 2010 survey.”

Since the last survey, the departments and divisions have been working with the results. In the film on the follow up to last year’s Staff and PhD Student Survey, chief librarian Margareta Grahn explains how they selected some staff feedback to work on more.  And Jörgen Nissen, former head of department at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies, explains how they worked with the staff’s presence. Other initiatives have looked to develop pedagogical work and to reduce work-related stress.


Elisabet Wahrby 2015-02-10

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