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Time for Pedagogical Days

(Updated 2015-02-12 10:24)

It is time once again to mark the Pedagogical Days on our calendars: 17 and 18 March. Alongside good examples, inspiration and collaboration, this time the organisers also want the focus to be on quality.

Peter Dalenius and Margareta Bachrach-Lindström at DidacticumAround 140 people signed up to the first Pedagogical Days, at the end of October 2013. (Picture below.) The days received a good response in the feedback evaluations, especially the format – lectures combined with optional activity “stations”. So why abandon a winning formula?

“Following the vice-chancellor’s introduction, we will have three talks interspersed with eight different stations, from which the participants can choose two,” explains Margareta Bachrach-Lindström, head of Didacticum which are organising the event this year.

The Pedagogical Days started in 2013 as a part of the Pedagogical Leap, the vice-chancellor’s initiative to put focus on the quality of education. Didacticum, which is also a strand within the Pedagogical Leap, has been charged with organising the days.

“What I want people to take with them from these days is inspiration and energy,” says Peter Dalenius, deputy head of Didacticum. “I hope people will encounter things that hadn’t occurred to them before, and get to discuss them with others.”

The two half-days – one in Norrköping and one in Linköping – will have roughly the same content. The speakers may vary slightly, as not everyone can make it for both days. The programme is not fully fixed yet, but it will focus on:

  • The Swedish Higher Education Authority’s quality evaluations, one of the days being with University Chancellor Harriet Wallberg.
  • Judging pedagogical skill. Experiences from Umeå University where they have been working on projects such as a merit model.
  • Quality from the students’ perspective. Representatives from all the Student Unions.

The optional stations will include:

  • Presentations by those who have received funding for pedagogical development
  • Professor Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren will talk about medical pedagogy
  • ICT
  • Alternative forms of examination.

Mingling at the Pedagogical Days 2013“The complete programme and application forms will be posted on the Didacticum website soon. So keep an eye out, but mark the days in your calendar now,” says Ms Bachrach-Lindström.


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